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What We Do

Our Health Mission

Alleviate the pain that impacts our patient's lives and offer options that could improve their Quality of Life.


 Inner Balance Acupuncture provides a Non-Opioid option to pain management and a medical alternative to those seeking to improve their Quality of Life without the use of drugs. 

Acupuncture is but one of the main elements in achieving this goal. The patient's responsibility is to nurture his/her own health, which develops a collaborative relationship, reinforcing the treatment. 

Acupuncture is a preventative therapy and takes in the whole individual in order to assess and treat the imbalances within the body that impacts daily life.  To simply be more aware of our lifestyle and diets and how they can either add to or take away from our lives, health, and Quality of Living.  

Inner Balance offers a more natural way of maintaining inner balance and focus to improve levels of performance.  People leave feeling better, relaxed and more centered, which brightens the attitude and ability to enjoy life. 

It's really a pretty good thing so, you could take advantage of our 


to find out more about how acupuncture may be able to alleviate your pain. 

Yang Style Tai Chi

Inner Balance Yang style Tai Chi can help you improve your health, your balance and coordination, your breathing and concentration, relaxation and your Quality of Life.  The practice of Tai Chi provides an effective internal massage of the organs, which unblocks obstructive stagnations that inhibit Blood, Qi and body fluid flow, which can reduce and in some cases, eliminate pain. 

A master was asked why study Tai Chi.  He replied, "The most important reason is that when you finally reach the place where you understand what life is about, you'll have some health to enjoy it."  

Tai Chi embraces the very essence of Yin and Yang, the duality that holds us all together.  To practice is to live within the moment, without fear, without apprehension, only peace.

Tai Chi is a means to an end, a life long practice, a martial art. 

Private classes are offered and scheduled at your convince. 

If you are interested in classes please call (732) 322-2523  

The secret, as to anything, is make it your own.  As you learn Tai Chi you must adapt it to your body type and any structural difficulties.  

This is essential. 


 Inner Balance Coaching is a means of helping you make a plan, so that you have a clear and realistic picture of the life you want to live.  Some people want to have a happy romantic relationship, others want success in business, still others wish to make a contribution to others, be better parents, or simply live a healthy and energetic life.  My job is to help you achieve your goals and objectives.  

     Consider where you would like to be 5 years from now.  In order for that to happen what needs to happen the fourth year?  What puts this goal into motion?  What needs to happen in year 3 and 2 and this year?  What needs to happen in the next 6 months?  These would be objectives, personal benchmarks, that would lead to the yearly objective, which would lead to the next yearly objective, etc., etc.  So objectives are stages of achievement leading to the ultimate goal you've set for 5 years.  

    A rather simplified version, yes, because there are obstacles and challenges along the way that require preparation as well as surprises that occur that can disrupt your focus.  Negative thinking must be overcome and replaced by realistic and supportable qualities you probably didn't know you had.  These are things that coaching brings out in the client.  It's not me telling you how great, talented and gifted you are, that's not my job.  What I do is help you to realize all these things about yourself not to inflate your ego but rather for you to discover more about who you are and gain confidence, determination, and a commitment to yourself.

 It's really a fun process and sometimes intense, but understand,  I don't tell you how to fix your issues.  I am not a therapist, I don't diagnose or anything remotely related to that.  I listen to you, from where you've been to where you choose to go and help you to get on the path and find it within yourself.

Hard to go anywhere unless you hoist the anchor and unfurl the sails.
Hard to go anywhere unless you hoist the anchor and unfurl the sails.