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Whats is Qi?
Qi (pronoucned "chee") is your energy, the vital life force that courses through your body. Your Qi is in constant motion unless it becomes blocked, which could cause pain. Deficient Qi might make you very fatigued and rebellious Qi could make you burp a lot. There is an old Chinese expression that says if you have free movement, you have no pain, but if you have pain, you have no free movement. This means that pain is associated with a blockage and that blockage can be opened through acupuncture.

These are just a few conditions & injuries treated at IBA:

Back Pain Frozen Shoulder

Anxiety Addiction
Muscle aches Depression
Colds Stroke
Migraines Knee Pain
Fibromyalgia Irritability
Arthritis Asthma
Fatigue Sciatica
Sciatica Menopause
Seasonal Affected Disorder Hip Pain

Pain is a symptom presenting itself in many different forms.

Pain's vocabulary:  
Aching, Burning, Cramping, Crushing, Cutting, Discomfort, Dull, Headache, Heaviness, itching, Jabbing, Nagging, Numbness, Penetrating, Pins & Needles, Pounding, Pressure, Pulling, Radiating, Sharp, Shooting, Sore, Spasm, Squeezing, Stabbing, Tender, Tearing, Throbbing, Tightness, Tingling, Tiring, Twisting, Vibrating.
Intermittent, Constant, Rarely, Only in  the Morning, Different times during the Day, Several Days a Week.
Awakens from Sleep, Prevents Sleep, Gradual, Ongoing, Progressive, Sudden, Unable to tell, Impacts my life.
Better with movement or better when still, Better with heat and worse with cold or visa versa,, More intense in the morning or
 the afternoon or evening, Better with massage or worse.  

Pain is physical, emotional, or mental and becomes interchangeable if left unattended.  Pain can come in intermittent waves, be intensely constant, or just annoying. Pain can sap your strength, destroy your patience, disable your concentration, and generally disrupts your life as it impacts on every aspect of quality.  Pain is a recalcitrant child with horrible timing.  

Pain is usually rated on a scale between 0 and 10 with 10 being the worst pain.  Pain may be recreated with certain movements.  Pain can also be embraced and accepted and as being part of the moment, which rounds off the intensity of pain.  

Many people find that pain has a personalty all its own, they even give their pain a name, a color, and a sound.  Pain is a symptom of a greater disorder. 


Don't confuse Acupuncture needles with your physician's hypodermic needles.  They are as different as the sun and the moon.  Acupuncture needles are sterile, single packaged, one use, a little thicker than the diameter of a hair, flexible, and solid stainless steel. After one use they are discarded into a hard plastic sharps container never to be used again. 

How Long Does it Take?

As far as treatments go, most patients will either lay down or sit in a recliner for about 30 minutes, others may need 45 minutes to an hour of treatment time. It really depends upon what the patient needs. Most patients tend to take a nap while they are being treated, they awaken refreshed, rested and relieved.

How Many Treatments Will You Need?

This varies according to the severity of the condition. I've found that the more Acute (rapid onset) conditions sometimes take fewer treatments to get under control. The more Chronic (developed over a period of time) have the tendency to require a longer course of treatments because the condition has had time to settle into place.

What Can I Expect From My First Visit?

     You'll need to fill out the paperwork (downloadable at the bottom of this column) and bring it with you. You can bring medical reports and x-rays if you feel it would help. I set aside 60 minutes to talk to you about your medical history, medications, habits, diet, lifestyle, work and general life questions. We speak about your disorder and the impact it has on your life. What you expect from acupuncture and how you can improve your Quality of Life.
     After all of this, I will look at your tongue and listen to your pulses, give you an idea of what we are confronted with treating and give you a 30 minute treatment based on all I've found and what we've discussed.


     You should always wear loose fitting and comfortable clothing, nothing tight fitting
     It is also necessary for you to eat a couple of hours prior to your appointment, please, not sitting in your car before you come in. The Qi from the food needs to circulate in order for it to be useful.  If you come for a treatment on an empty stomach there won't be enough Qi to effectively treat your problem and you will most likely walk away dissatisfied.
     Please do not come for a treatment after drinking alcohol, taking drugs, or after having sex as these tend to scatter the Qi making it difficult for any lasting results.

Please download the patient forms to be filled out, bring them to your first appointment!

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